Jess Green is a guitarist, composer & vocalist based in Sydney. Originally training as a jazz guitarist at the ANU, Jess now performs in a wide variety of musical settings and genres.Jess released her debut album The Singing Fish and other short stories in 2004, to critical acclaim. The album features a 7 piece ensemble – The Green Septet. The group performed in Sydney and Melbourne and has continued to develop. In 2006 Jess won the Jann Rutherford Memorial Award which helped her tour the band. Jess will release a new album Tinkly Tinkly in Feb 2013 with this group (now an 8 piece) under the new name Jess Green’s Bright Sparks.

In 2007 Jess was nominated for the Freedman Jazz Fellowship and formed the group Rock group The New Dynamites releasing an EP in 2009.

Jess began performing regularly with Australian blues legend Jim Conway in 2009 and his group Jim Conway’s Big Wheel.  Jess has performed with Big Wheel at many of Australia’s premier music festivals including Woodford Folk Festival, Wangaratta Jazz Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival and many more. The band features Jess as vocalist and guitarist, and is releasing a new album in Feb 2013 featuring Jess’ songwriting as well as playing.

Also in 2009, Jess was asked to join Musica Viva group Imbosima. The group was to be retired after 17 years of touring Australian schools, but Music Viva was so impressed by the chemistry between the three members (Jess Green, Jess Ciampa and David Hewitt) that they were asked to write a new show. Zeeko debuted as part of the Sydney Festival in 2010, and continues to perform across NSW and QLD.

In 2010 Jess was also part of a “re-ignition” of iconic Aussie group The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band. The group played the Woodford Folk Festival in 2010; and continuing by popular demand has performed in Sydney, Melbourne and the 2011 Byron Bay Blues Festival.

In 2012 Jess was asked to join Petulant Frenzy, an 11 piece group performing the music of Frank Zappa. Jess performed with the band across Sydney, as well as touring to Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Jess continues to explore other vehicles for her performing and composing, including Jess Green & The Pre-Loved an acoustic trio performing jazz from the early last century, as well as contemporary rock duo Hurtbeats with percussionist Bree van Reyk. She continues to work with many other groups performing original music including Gary Daley’s Sanctuary and Dave Reaston’s 10 Guitar Project. She has also been featured as a guest member with the well known Australian Jazz group The catholics, with whom she toured with in 2011. 

In 2012 Jess was part of collaboration between composer Nick Wales and choreographer Shaun Parker in creating a new dance/music work Am I. The work was received with critical acclaim at the Adelaide Performing Arts Market, and is set to debut at the Sydney Festival 2014.

In late 2012, Jess formed quartet North South with Melbourne drummer Ronny Ferella. Their debut performance was for Jazzgroove with Lloyd Swanton and Aaron Flower.

Jess works as an primary and secondary guitar tutor at several schools across Sydney, and has lectured and tutored at UWS, The Australian Institute of Music and for SIMA as part of the Young Women’s Jazz Workshops.


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