Aaron (BAZ) Flower, winner of the 2007 National Jazz Awards, is a regular on the Sydney music scene performing and recording with bands like Danaides (2012 Jara Award Winners), Luke Escombe And The Corporation, The Cope Street Parade,


AKA BAZ was formed 2005 and has two albums to date. The latest being Memento Mori, a collaborative effort by Aaron and artists from the Yum Yum Tree collective.

The first album Lady From Toulouse (Bell Jazz Award Finalist) is an instrumental recording, the music is uplifting and filmic, moving through slowly evolving themes.

“Flower’s virtuoso guitar periodically streams into furious life but more often the music is as sparse as a desert and could easily have been written as the soundtrack for some dark, outback mystery” – John Shand  (The Sydney Morning Herald)

“Catchy melodies, crisp playing and lush vocal arrangements offset by an electro shimmer that lend a space-age edge to its winning nostalgic tone. Each track sets a clear scene, opening in finely paced layers that cradle wryly poetic urban observations. This is a retro-futuristic joyride that never lets up its warm embrace”. – Naomi Jean

“Flower’s compositions are as masterful as his playing” – Jessica Nicholas

“Phsycadelia for the new age”. John Shand SMH

For AKA BAZ’s back catalogue CLICK ME



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