Yum Yum Tree, is a collective providing an interface between like minded artists and audience who enjoy expecting the unexpected.

Welcome to Yum Yum Tree Records. You have just entered a space that aims to catalogue and promote the music of a certain time in Australian music, and in the future, to use it as a platform for like minded artists to present their works. Our artists are bound not only by a love of music, but of strong friendship and the spirit of collaboration. This is a platform from which to interact and engage with these artist’s and the sounds they create. When the household was established in 2003, and thanks to some very understanding neighbours, Yum Yum Tree quickly transformed into a creative space, capturing the creation of a special unique sound – a sound that can still be found weaving through Australian music. The list of artists who spent time at Yum Yum represent one the most innovative and revolutionary forces that we have seen in recent decades. With alumni including Zoe Hauptmann, John Hibbard, Elana Stone, Aaron Flower, Dan Waples, Franco Raggatt, Jeramy Borthwick, Evan Mannell, James Hauptmann, Kim Lawson, Jess Green, Lucian McGuiness, Danny Junor, Ben Hauptmann, Jo Fabro,  James Ryan, James Muller, Tim Curnic, Ben Waples and so many more.

Some records were made. Some very good records were made. Some freakin’ awesome records were made. And this is how we have made it to here.

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